Jaime Maddox

Jaime Maddox is a busy woman. Her days begin with the whines of two boys who don't want to wake up for school. When they're safely on the bus, she heads for work at her urgent care center, puts on her white doctor's coat, and takes care of all variety of illness and injury. Afternoons are spent checking homework and throwing balls, prying video game controls out of the clenched fingers of her sons, and other sorts of fun and games. The evenings are spent with her partner, Carolyn. When the house is quiet and everyone's asleep, she pulls out her laptop and types, types, types, until Carolyn hits her with a pillow and tells her to go to bed.

Maddox lives in a suburb of Scranton, PA, not far from the Susquehanna River and her childhood home. All of her novels are based in Northeastern Pennsayvania. "I love this area; it's my home, and I know it well, and I want my readers to understand that it's all real. I'm not faking my knowledge of the streets of Paris; if I write about it, I know about it. And Northeast PA is a beautiful place; with mountains to climb and streams to cross. Why wouldn't I want to write about it?

Jaime loves to travel, play golf, kayak, and spend time with her family. She dabbles in the kitchen and garden, with questionable success.

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