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My pen-pal, Crin Claxton is to blame for Deadly Medicine. She asked why I hadn't written a medical thriller. Since Coma was the first real book I read, and it inspired me to write, it was a really good question. Working out the plot took some time, but once I figured it all out, it just seemed to flow.

DM inspired my first blog, too. Hospitals in rural areas have difficulty recruiting doctors, and are at risk for the Hawks of the world. And although Edward is a work of fiction, I do believe their are evil practitioners out there.

My editor, Shelley Thrasher really liked DM, so I dedicated it to her. I used to be a doctor who writes, but thanks to her, I'm feeling more like a writer.

Bouncing is my tribute to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the place Carolyn and I watered the fragile seeds of our young love. We spent the summer in a condo with three friends, slept on air mattresses and ate at a picnic table in the dining room. In the mornings we biked to the beach and late in the day we played golf and cooked out. It was a great summer. Bouncing is a little about first love, a little about coming out, and a little about mistakes and forgiveness.

Alex and Britain, Bouncing's heroines, meet in Rehoboth, then return home to the mountains of Northeast PA to teach and coach basketball. Along the way, they fall in love. Though they love Pennsylvania, like Carolyn and I, they escape to Rehoboth to be free.


The original manuscript for The Common Thread was written in 1991-2-3, during medical school. My duties took me to a clinic in Philadelphia where my patients were so poor they had to choose between medical care and food. I saw kids with STDs and people dying of curable diseases.. One of my patients, a woman of thirty, died of cervical cancer because she never had a Pap test.

These were people, human beings just like me, except they weren't.

I'm a human being who has never known hunger, and has always been loved and adored. I had opportunity. I began to wonder, what would I have become if I'd been born to one of my clinic families? What if twins were separated, and raised in such radically different worlds? Hmmm. Good question.  

My first novel, Agnes won me the Alice B. Lavender Certificate. It is the story of Sandy Parker, a woman who finally decides to face her past after dealing with the death of her grandmother. But her trip back in time stirs up trouble, and she discovers long-buried secrets that nearly get her killed. What she discovers, though, is a miracle.

I love Agnes for a few reasons. First, it is my first published work. It is also special because it was conceived at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, while Carolyn was recovering from surgery, and writing was the therapy that helped me through that hard time.. My love survived, and something wonderful came out of that painful time.  

    Jaime Maddox