Jaime Maddox



Events: there's nothing on my calendar right now, but check back soon.

On the laptop: My first four novels all featured relatively new characters, although (did you notice this?) Jeannie Bennett is a constant presence. I think she's like my mother, always with me. She was edited out of Bouncing, but there in the other three.

My newest novel, Hooked, is not truly the sequel to DM, but follows one of the more interesting characters...Dr. Jessica Benson.

I really hate Jess because of how she treated Ward, but yet I understand how she got to where she is.

A big part of my medical practice is treating addicted patients, and their stories are all the same, no matter how different they are. And just when you think addiction doesn't affect you...just wait. It's everywhere, and no family including mine, is immune to its power.

Hooked is ultimately a story of triumph, and as an added bonus, we get to find out how Ward and Abby are doing, as well as learning Hawk's fate.

The Good Life:

Carolyn and the boys and I are settling in to our new house. We used to live in her house, then my house, and now we finally have our house. The boys have their own rooms for the first time, and they love it! We allowed each of them to choose their d├ęcor, and it made the transition fun for them. And although we didn't switch school districts, we have a new bus schedule and I'll be up with the roosters to get them out on time.

I have a medical conference in Orlando in October, and we're taking the boys to Universal and Disney, so that should be a blast.

Hopefully, this winter, we'll have a chance to escape to Aruba, or Jamaica, or Cocomo, or someplace equally exotic!